In the Advanced filters window, you can set the conditions for filtering the rows in the translation editor.

memoQ will show those rows that meet the conditions.

How to get here

1.Open a project.

2.Open a document for editing.

3.At the top of the translation editor, click the Advanced filters icon-advanced-filter icon.

The Advanced filters window opens.


What can you do?

Go through the four tabs of the Advanced filters window, and choose the conditions you need. You can filter segments by their status, the comments and tags they contain, and their updated or synchronized state (in local copies of online projects). Here is a description of every group of settings:

Common filters: a simple choice of segment status filters

Status: the full choice of segment status filters

Updates and marks: See if the document was modified by another user

Tags and QA: filter segments by the text in inline tags. Filter for segments with QA errors

All conditions must be met together: If you select two or more check boxes in the filtering options (maybe even across different tabs), memoQ will only include segments that match all specified settings. In formal logic, this is called an 'AND' relationship. If you specify criteria that are not met by any of the segments of the selected translation documents, the view will be empty.

When you finish

To filter the rows, and return to the translation editor: Click OK.

To return to the translation editor, without filtering the rows: Click Cancel.