In the translation editor, the Grid is the place where you see the source text and type the translation.

For an introduction to translating in memoQ: See the Getting Started Guide from the website.

How to get here

1.Open a project. This can be a local project or a checkout of an online project.

2.In Project home, choose Translations.

3.Find the document you need to edit. Double-click its name. The translation editor opens on a separate editor tab.

Or: Right-click the document, and choose Open For Translation.

To open a view for editing: In the Translations pane of Project home, click the Views tab. Double-click the name of the view you need to edit.


What can you do?

Write the translation and move ahead

Move around in the document. Select text and segments

Quickly insert suggestions from resources

Use predictive typing or pick things to insert

Move and copy text

Undo unwanted changes

Format your document

Copy and insert inline tags

Turn parts of the source text into inline tags

Insert special characters, especially in right-to-left texts. Make special characters visible

Review translation: Track changes

Review translations: Reject segments by Shift+Enter and use LQA

Translate a document that has tracked changes: Use TC matches

Translate a document and translate the tracked changes

Edit the source text

Change the segments: join or split segments, or re-segment the document

I cannot join or split segments, why?

Check spelling and grammar

Deal with errors and warnings

Filter and sort the segments

Find and replace text

Mark text and add comments to segments or parts of segments

Check or change the status of segments

Compare text to previous versions of the document

Lock segments

Pre-translate text

Clear translations

Have the target cell below the source cell, not next to it

When you finish

You do not have to save the document: memoQ will automatically save every change, even in segments that were not confirmed.

To return to Project home: Close the editor tab by clicking the Close close-document-tab button on the tab itself. Or, press Ctrl+F4.