memoQ imports XLIFF documents created by SDL WorldServer. As a rule, you won't receive these files one by one. Most of the time, they come from WorldServer (*.wsxz) packages.

WorldServer files are XLIFF documents that contain extra contents that are specific either to WorldServer or to SDL Trados Studio (SDLXLIFF).

How to get here

1.Start importing a WorldServer package.

2.On the second screen of the Import WorldServer package wizard, click Configure WorldServer filter.

If you import the package in an online project: The Configure WorldServer filter link will be on the fourth screen.


What can you do?

Import or ignore contents based on the language; import or ignore context and comments

If the document is XLF: Configure conditional translation, import, and export

If the WorldServer document is SDLXLIFF: Configure the import and export of segment statuses, and deal with comments

When you finish

To save the settings, and return to the Import WorldServer package wizard: Click OK.

To return to the Import WorldServer package wizard, and not save the settings: Click Cancel.