Language Terminal account wizard

Language Terminal is a portal that helps translators track their jobs, and offers other added value as well. You can back up your translation projects, import InDesign documents with preview and you can share your light resources such as segmentation rules. When you back up your projects in memoQ, you can now choose to back them up at Language Terminal.

Organizations can also use Language Terminal to track the projects they run, keep a record of costs, keep a record of translators and reviewers, and see when they available.

memoQ is closely connected to Language Terminal. Once your copy of memoQ is connected to Language Terminal, you can directly connect your projects to Language Terminal, which means you can get your language pairs, subject fields, and clients from your Language Terminal profile. In addition, you can quote the price of your work directly from memoQ. In the background, Language Terminal creates cumulative reports about your jobs.

Before you do all this, you must save your Language Terminal user name and password in memoQ. You can do this in the Language Terminal account wizard. You can even sign up for Language Terminal directly from memoQ, and then save your user name and password.

Organizations can also connect memoQ server to Language Terminal: Project managers can track the progress and costs of online projects, keep a record of translators and reviewers, and see when they are available. To connect a memoQ server to Language Terminal, you need the project manager edition of memoQ. To make the connection: Open Server administrator, and choose Language Terminal.

How to get here

  1. Open memoQ. Click the memoQ tab at the top left.
  2. The my memoQ page appears. Under Language Terminal, click My Language Terminal Account.

    The Language Terminal account wizard starts.

    If a user name is already there: Click the "change" link to start the wizard.

What can you do?

When you finish

To return to memoQ: Click Finish.

To return to the previous screen, and make changes: Click Back.

To return to memoQ, and not sign in to Language Terminal, or make changes: Click Cancel.