Add non-translatable

A non-translatable is a word or an expression that must not be translated: but written in the target text the exact same way. From the translation editor - and the alignment editor -, you can add the selected text to a list of non-translatables in the project.

How to get here

Open a document for translation. On the Translation ribbon, click Add non-translatable.

In alignment, too: You can add non-translatables after you open a document pair for editing from a LiveDocs corpus.

You need a non-translatable list in the project: Before you use this command, add a non-translatable list to your project in Settings under Project home.

What can you do?

In the New non-translatable box, edit the selected text, or leave it as it is.

If no text was selected: You can type any text in the box.

If you click OK, memoQ adds the text to the first non-translatable list of your project.

Check which non-translatable list: The Add non-translatable window shows it. But to check your non-translatable lists, click Project home, choose Settings, and then click the Non-translatables icon.

When you finish

To add the text to the first non-translatable list: Click OK.

To close this window without making changes: Click Cancel.