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GET v1/tbs?tbGuid={tbGuid}

Gets the termbase by the specified Guid.

Request information

Uri parameters

NameTypeDescriptionAdditional information
tbGuidGuidThe Guid of the termbase

Response information

Response return type

AccessLevelResourceAccessLevel (enum)Possible enum values: 0:ReadOnly; 1:ReadWrite; 2:Admin; The access level of the termbase.
ClientStringThe client of the termbase.
DomainStringThe domain of the termbase.
FriendlyNameStringThe friendly name of the termbase.
IsUsedInProjectBooleanDefines whether this termbase is used in online projects. Available since version 9.4.12.
LanguagesString[]The languages of the termbase.
LastModifiedDateTimeThe time of the last modification of the termbase.
LastUsedDateTimeThe date and time when this termbase was last used including querying. Available since version 9.4.12.
NumEntriesInt32The number of entries in the termbase.
ProjectStringThe project of the termbase.
SubjectStringThe subject of the termbase.
TBGuidStringThe Guid of the termbase.
TBOwnerStringThe owner of the termbase.

Response body formats


  "AccessLevel": 0,
  "Client": "client",
  "Domain": "domain",
  "FriendlyName": "name",
  "Languages": [
  "LastModified": "2017-12-06T12:03:46.866Z",
  "NumEntries": 10,
  "Project": "project",
  "Subject": "subject",
  "TBGuid": "3bcbbce5-d422-488d-9f26-b07ec2cd6523",
  "TBOwner": "Built-in Administrator",
  "LastUsed": "2015-08-28T14:02:31.22Z",
  "IsUsedInProject": false