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GET v1/tms/{tmGuid}/entries/{entryId}

Gets the translation memory entry specified by a TM Guid and an entry id.

Request information

Uri parameters

NameTypeDescriptionAdditional information
tmGuidGuidThe Guid of the translation memory
entryIdInt32The id of the translation memory entry

Response information

Response return type

ClientStringThe client of the TM entry.
ContextIDStringThe context id of the TM entry.
CreatedDateTimeThe creaton date of the TM entry.
CreatorStringThe creator of the TM entry.
CustomMetasTMCustomMetaItem[]An array of the TM entry's custom meta properties.
NameStringThe name of the custom meta property.
ValueObjectThe value of the custom meta property.
DocumentStringThe document of the TM entry.
DomainStringThe domain of the TM entry.
FollowingSegmentStringThe following segment of the TM entry.
KeyInt32The key of the TM entry.
ModifiedDateTimeThe date of the TM entry's last modification. An OptimisticConcurrencyError occurs during the update action if it does not match the existing entry's Modified parameter.
ModifierStringThe last modifier of the TM entry.
PrecedingSegmentStringThe preceding segment of the TM entry.
ProjectStringThe project of the TM entry.
SourceSegmentStringThe source segment of the TM entry.
SubjectStringThe subject of the TM entry.
TargetSegmentStringThe target segment of the TM entry.

Response body formats


  "Created": "2015-08-28T14:02:31.22Z",
  "Creator": "Built-in administrator",
  "Modified": "2015-08-28T14:02:31.22Z",
  "Modifier": "Built-in administrator",
  "Client": "client",
  "ContextID": "context id",
  "Document": "document",
  "Domain": "domain",
  "FollowingSegment": "<seg>Following segment content.</seg>",
  "Key": 0,
  "PrecedingSegment": "<seg>Preceding segment content.</seg>",
  "Project": "project",
  "SourceSegment": "<seg>Sample segment content1.</seg>",
  "Subject": "subject",
  "TargetSegment": "<seg>Sample segment content2.</seg>",
  "CustomMetas": [
      "Name": "name",
      "Value": "value"
      "Name": "name",
      "Value": "value"
      "Name": "name",
      "Value": "value"