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POST v1/tms/{tmGuid}/entries/create

Creates a translation memory entry in the TM specified by a Guid.

Request information

Uri parameters

NameTypeDescriptionAdditional information
tmGuidGuidThe Guid of the translation memory

Request body type

ClientStringOptional, default value: null; The client of the TM entry.
ContextIDStringOptional, default value: null; The context id of the TM entry.
CustomMetasTMCustomMetaItem[]Optional, default value: null; An array of the TM entry's custom meta properties.
NameStringObligatory; The name of the custom meta property.
ValueObjectOptional, default value: null; The value of the custom meta property.
DocumentStringOptional, default value: null; The document of the TM entry.
DomainStringOptional, default value: null; The domain of the TM entry.
FollowingSegmentStringOptional, default value: null; The following segment of the TM entry.
KeyInt32Optional, default value: 0; The key of the TM entry.
PrecedingSegmentStringOptional, default value: null; The preceding segment of the TM entry.
ProjectStringOptional, default value: null; The project of the TM entry.
SourceSegmentStringObligatory; The source segment of the TM entry.
SubjectStringOptional, default value: null; The subject of the TM entry.
TargetSegmentStringObligatory; The target segment of the TM entry.

Request body formats


  "Client": "client",
  "ContextID": "context id",
  "Document": "document",
  "Domain": "domain",
  "FollowingSegment": "<seg>Following segment content.</seg>",
  "Key": 0,
  "PrecedingSegment": "<seg>Preceding segment content.</seg>",
  "Project": "project",
  "SourceSegment": "<seg>Sample segment content1.</seg>",
  "Subject": "subject",
  "TargetSegment": "<seg>Sample segment content2.</seg>",
  "CustomMetas": [
      "Name": "name",
      "Value": "value"
      "Name": "name",
      "Value": "value"
      "Name": "name",
      "Value": "value"