LiveDocs settings

LiveDocs settings are a set of rules that specify LiveDocs corpus parameters such as match thresholds and penalties. Thresholds are the limits that a match must pass so that it is considered as a match or a good match. Penalties are percentages that are automatically subtracted from match rates if the segments comply or do not comply with certain criteria.

Thresholds have default values inserted and there is a default penalty for matches coming from LiveAlign™. You can set up penalties for users, specific LiveDocs corpora, documents with specific keywords in the LiveDocs corpora, deprecated documents, documents with different sublanguages, and segments with different segment types (in ActiveTM™).

You can create several sets of LiveDocs settings but you can use only one for any given LiveDocs corpus. You can set up a default global setting, a default setting for a project but you can also change the LiveDocs settings for any LiveDocs corpus by choosing Settings on the LiveDocs ribbon.

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