Request quote or translation

To send in a request for translation, you need two things:

  • the source documents at hand
  • an email address and a password to access your provider's customer portal.


  1. Open customer portal in your web browser. Log in using your email and password.
  2. The customer portal Dashboard opens:


  3. In the menu at the top, click Request quote or translation. The Request quote or translation page opens:


  4. From the Source language dropdown, choose a source language.
  5. Click the Target languages box, and click the target languages you need the translation into.
  6. From the Type of service dropdown, choose one of the services you agreed on with your provider.
  7. From the Type of workflow dropdown, choose the level of automation. Practically, you can choose from two (for the time being, the third is the same as the second):
    • PM-created quote: Your project manager will receive your request, create the project by hand, and run the analysis themselves.
    • Automatic quote: The provider's server will automatically process your request, and produce the quote for you.
  8. In either case, you receive the number of weighted words - the number of words your provider will bill you. If your provider set up prices for their services, you also receive the total cost of your request.
  9. In the middle of the page, there is a box where you can drag files. You can also drag a ZIP file there - the provider's memoQ system will unzip it and import the contents. Alternatively, you can click the middle of the box: an Open window will appear where you can browse for the files to translate.
  10. In addition to the translatables, you can upload reference files for the translators. If you check the Also upload reference files check box, the file box will split into two parts:


  11. In the Message to project manager box, type a message to the project manager. Write a phrase or two to describe the work. This appears on the list for the project manager and makes it easier for them to find the project.
  12. In the Note to yourself box at the bottom, write a word or two for yourself. This text appears on your list when you look at the requests and ongoing jobs.
  13. Choose a deadline: there are buttons for Next working day, Three working days, and A week from today - but you can also type a date or choose one from the calendar.
  14. Example:


  15. To send your request to the provider, click Start.

    When the job is sent in, customer portal reports success:


Regardless of the workflow, a quote will be prepared. You will receive an email when it is ready. Then you can view and accept it.

To close this page without sending your request, click Cancel.