Alternating row background colors

memoQ can show the rows in the translation editor with alternating background colors. When every second row has a different background color, it is easier to read the document, especially if there are repeated segments.

How to get here

  1. Open the Options window: At the very top of the memoQ window - in the Quick Access toolbarquick-access-default -, click the Options (cogwheels) quick-access-options icon. The Options window opens.
  2. Under Category, click Appearance. The Appearance pane appears.
  3. On the Translation grid tab, click the Alternating row colors link. The Alternating row background colors window opens:

What can you do?

When you finish

Click OK to save the settings and return to the Options - Appearance window. memoQ shows the word '[off]' next to the Alternating row colors link. Click Apply or OK to apply the change. The word changes to '[on]'.

Click Cancel to leave this window without any changes.