Assign documents to subvendor group

In an online project, you can assign documents to another organization. To do this, you need a subvendor group on the memoQ TMS. Assign the documents to this group.

This happens when your organization asks another one (for example, a translation company) to translate and review some documents, and the work needs to happen on your memoQ TMS (even if they have one). In this case, you can create a group for this organization on your memoQ TMS. Add your main contacts from that company to your memoQ TMS as users, and add these users to the subvendor group that you create for their organization. These users will be the managers of the subvendor group.

Managers of the subvendor group can add further users. You won't be able to see the name or contact details of these users. In turn, the subvendor managers won't be project managers on your entire memoQ TMS - they will only see their own group, and only those projects and documents that you assign them. They also won't be able to create projects on your server.

Project manager edition only: You can't manage online projects from memoQ translator pro.

Does not work in online projects with packages: You cannot assign documents to subvendor groups if the online project allows users to download packages instead of just checking out the project.

Does not work in Language Terminal-connected projects: You cannot assign documents to subvendor groups if you connected the project to Language Terminal.

How to get here

  1. Create a subvendor group on your memoQ TMS. Create accounts for the managers of this subvendor, and add them to the group.

  2. Create an online project, and open it for management.

    Do not allow packages when you create or publish the project: You cannot send work to subvendor groups from package-enabled projects. Under Workflow settings, clear the Allow package creation check box. If you are creating the project from a template, make sure the template does not allow packages. To check that, open the template for editing, and check the Online project settings pane. There, under Workflow settings, make sure the Allow package creation check box is cleared.

  3. In the memoQ online project window, choose Translations. Select the documents that you want to assign the subvendor group. Right-click the selection, and choose Assign.

What can you do?

When you finish

Click OK to assign the selected documents to the subvendor group, and return to the Translations list of the memoQ online project window.

To close the Assign selected documents to users window without assigning users, click Cancel.