Auto-assign documents (online projects)

In a memoQ online project, this is where you distribute work automatically among several users for several documents. From the users already listed in the online project, memoQ tries to find suitable participants for each document in each role and for each language pair.

Project manager edition only: You can't distribute work from memoQ translator pro.

How to get here

Open an online project for management. In the memoQ online project window, choose Translations. Select several documents. Right-click the selection, and choose Auto-assign. Or: On the Statistics/Preparation ribbon, click the Assign label below the Assign icon. From the menu, choose Auto-assign.

People must be listed first: Before you use the Auto-Assign command, list all participants in the People page of the memoQ online project window. Do not forget to set a role and a language pair for everyone on the Languages and roles tab. When memoQ looks for a suitable participant for a document, it checks the role (translator, reviewer 1, reviewer 2) and the language pair.


What can you do?

Cannot view availability from Language Terminal: Even if the project is connected to Language Terminal, you cannot check the availability of participants from the Auto-assign window. To assign users and check their availability, assign them manually in the Assign selected documents to users window.

When you finish

To assign the selected documents: Click OK.

To return to the document list without changing the assignments: Click Cancel.