memoQ TM Search tool

When you write original documents, you may want to make it easy to translate. One of the ways to this is to use phrases, sentences that are already in the translation memory.

You may also want to interpret documents in another language, and use your translation memories as an aid to do this.

To find words and phrases in translation memories outside memoQ, use the memoQ TM Search tool.

memoQ must be installed and licensed: The memoQ TM Search tool is installed with memoQ. It works only if you have a valid memoQ license on your computer.

Cannot use the same translation memories at the same time in memoQ and in the TM Search tool: If memoQ is running while you use the TM Search tool, you cannot use the translation memories that are used in the project that is open in memoQ. If you need to use the same translation memories, close memoQ.

Local translation memories only: The memoQ TM Search tool can use translation memories from your computer. It cannot access translation memories on a memoQ TMS.

How to get here

No matter where you are in Windows, press Ctrl+Shift+Q.

The memoQ TM Search window opens.


To change this keyboard shortcut: 

  1. Open the Windows Start menu, and type "tm search".
  2. Right-click the memoQ <version> TM Search menu item, and choose Open file location. A Windows Explorer window opens.
  3. Right-click the memoQ <version> TM Search icon, and choose Properties.
  4. In the Properties window, click the Shortcut key box, and press the shortcut combination you want to use.

    To turn off the keyboard shortcut: press Delete on your keyboard.

You may need to switch accounts: You need to use an administrator account in Windows to change the shortcut.

What can you do?

When you finish

If you do not need memoQ TM Search any longer, close it. You can open it again by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Q.