Startup wizard

In the Startup wizard, you can customize many settings of your copy of memoQ.

How to get here

When you start memoQ for the first time after you install and activate it, the memoQ startup wizard opens.

To open the Startup wizard from memoQ:

  1. In the upper left corner of the ribbon, click the memoQ tab. The memoQ menu appears.
  2. In the menu, click Help. The Help pane appears.
  3. Click Next.

What can you do?

The last page of the Startup wizard reports that you are ready to start working.

When you finish

To start using memoQ: Click Finish.

You can click Finish anywhere in the Startup wizard. And if you have second thoughts about a setting, you can always click Back to return to it.

To return to memoQ without saving your settings: Click Cancel.

Later, you can run the Startup wizard again: Click the memoQ ribbon tab. On the left, click Help. On the right, click Startup wizard.