Add multiple files for alignment

If you have older translations in documents, but not in translation memories, you need to align them to use them in memoQ. You take a source document and its translation, and add the pair of them to a LiveDocs corpus.

memoQ aligns them: It imports both documents, and splits them into segments. Then memoQ links each segment in the translation to another segment in the source document.

This is fully automatic, but the links are just guesses from memoQ. In most cases, they will be correct, but you may need to review them.

Once the two documents are imported and aligned, the translations are ready to use. memoQ will immediately return matches from them in the translation editor.

You start this in the Add multiple files for alignment window. Here you can add several pairs of documents, and make memoQ align them.

How to get here

Open a project. In Project home, choose LiveDocs. In the list at the top, select a LiveDocs corpus. Make sure its check box is checked. On the LiveDocs ribbon, click Add Alignment Pairs.

Or: In an online project, select a LiveDocs corpus. Make sure its check box is checked. Right-click the empty space in the list at the bottom. In the menu, choose Add Alignment Pairs.

Or: Open the Resource console. Choose LiveDocs. Select a LiveDocs corpus in the list at the top. At the bottom of the Resource console window, click Add alignment pairs.


What can you do?

When you finish

To import and align the documents, click OK.

To leave the window without changing anything, click Cancel.