In a team, you ask questions. When you work on an online project, you can do this through memoQ. After you check out an online project, memoQ opens a Communication tab. It stays open unless you close it. This is quicker than sending e-mails or using an external messaging app.

In the Communication tab, you can have a chat with the other participants. Plus, you can start comment threads about the entire project, or answer to these threads. Comment threads are also called discussions.

Online projects only: You need to check out an online project to see the Communication tab. It's not there in local projects or in projects imported from packages.

How to get here

Check out an online project. Or, open the local copy if the project is already checked out. Normally, the Communication tab opens automatically.

If the Communication tab is not open: Click the memoQ tab. In the memoQ menu, choose Open Communication Tab.

If you can't see the Open Communication Tab command: The project manager didn't allow communication in that project when it was created.


What can you do?

When you finish

To return to your work: Click Project home, or click a document tab.

To close the Communication tab: Click the X in the tab itself.