Create new project (from template)

To do a job in memoQ, you set up a project. To begin, you open the documents you need to translate.

But a project is more than that. memoQ needs to know how to deal with the documents, and how to help you with the translation.

While you write your translation, memoQ offers you help - earlier translations - from translation memories and LiveDocs. For parts of the text, memoQ offers suggestions from term bases, auto-translation rules, automatic concordancing, and many other sources. You can even use machine translation if you need to.

memoQ needs the project so that it knows what translation memories, LiveDocs corpora, term bases, and other resources it must use to help you best.

Normally, memoQ chooses these settings automatically, based on the details of your job. But later on, you can make changes to the project, down to the tiniest detail if you need to.

When you start a project, it's created from a template. memoQ comes with two built-in templates.

  • One TM and one TB per language pair: For each language pair, memoQ creates one translation memory and one term base. When you start working with a new language pair, memoQ adds a new translation memory and a new term base.
  • One TM per client template: If you work for several clients, you may want to keep their translations separate. If you use this template, memoQ will start a new translation memory for each client. But when you start the second project for a client, memoQ uses the existing translation memory.

    Make your own templates: If this is not good enough, you can set up and edit your own templates.

    Changing the template doesn't change existing projects: You can edit project templates in memoQ. When you do that, the changes will appear in new projects you start afterwards. Existing projects won't change.

Want an online project instead? If you need to start an online project, see the topic about creating an online project.

How to get here

On the Project ribbon, click New Project, and from the menu, choose New Project From Template.

Start from a template: On the Project ribbon, next to the New Project icon, click the name of a template.

Start from the documents: In memoQ translator pro, drag documents to the white box that says 'Drop files here to start translating'. Then click Start translating.

Start from Windows: In Windows, open File Explorer, and find the folder where your documents are. Select the documents. Right-click the selection, and choose Translate with memoQ. memoQ opens automatically, and starts creating a new project.


What can you do?

When you finish

To create the project: Click Finish.

Project home opens: memoQ opens the new project in Project home. You can start translating from there, or you can change the settings of the project.

To return to memoQ's Dashboard, and not create a project: Click Cancel.