Filtering and sorting (translation memory)

Before you can edit a translation memory, memoQ offers to filter the translation units. This may be necessary because translation memories often contain a very large number of translation units. Translation memories of several hundred thousand or even several million entries are not rare.

In the Filtering and sorting window, you can choose which entries appear on the list, and which ones don't. You can set up various conditions for that. For example, you can filter for text in the source and the target segment, the modification date, and various descriptive fields.

How to get here

From Project home:

  1. Start editing a translation memory. The Filtering and sorting window appears automatically.

    Or, while editing a translation memory:

  2. On the Translation memory editor ribbon, click Filter.

    The Filtering and sorting window appears.


What can you do?

Start editing a translation memory without filtering: Don't change any settings in the window. Click OK.

Don't edit large translation memories without filtering: If the translation memory contains more than a hundred thousand units, it's strongly recommended to filter it before editing.

memoQ uses the three sets of conditions together: If you set up words and expressions, and you specify dates, and you fill in some of the meta-information, memoQ lists entries where all these are true together. For example, if you are looking for the English word 'Performance', and set After June 10, 2016, and type 'KB' for the Author, memoQ will list entries where the English term contains the word 'Performance', and were modified after June 10, 2016, by the user called 'KB'. If an entry has some of these but not all, it won't appear on the list.

When you finish

To apply the filter, and return to the translation memory editor with a filtered and sorted list of units: Click OK.

To start over - clear all the conditions, stay in the Filtering and Sorting window, and set up new conditions: Click Clear.

To get rid of the filter, and return to the translation memory editor with a full list of entries: Click Clear, and then click OK.

To return to the translation memory editor, and not change the filtering of the list: Click Cancel.