Task tracker

The Task tracker lists the lengthier operations that run in the background.

These tasks are imports into or exports from translation memories or term bases, or document tasks in online projects.

You can check how every task is progressing, and you can delete those that were finished.

These are the tasks that run on your computer: The Task tracker does not show background tasks that run on a memoQ TMS. To see those, open Server administrator, and choose Background tasks. This works in memoQ project manager only.

How to get here

For some operations, the Task tracker opens automatically. If it does not:

  1. Open the memoQ menu: At the top left, click the memoQ tab.
  2. Click Open Task Tracker.

    The Task tracker window opens.


What can you do?

Watch the status and progress of the background tasks, mostly. To see a detailed progress and status report about a task, select it in the list. The Task tracker will display the details on the right.

To change the layout: drag an edge of corner of the Task tracker window to resize it. Or, drag the line between the two halves of the window as needed.

Clean up the list by removing tasks that were finished or stopped:

  • To remove the selected task: At the bottom, click Remove.
  • To remove all tasks that were finished: At the bottom, click Remove all finished tasks.
  • To remove all tasks that were successful: At the bottom, click Remove successfully finished tasks. This leaves failed and aborted tasks on the list, so that you can check what happened.

    Normally, memoQ will automatically remove finished tasks after 7 days. To change the number of days, choose another number in the box at the bottom.

    To abort a task that is still running: Select it, and at the bottom, click Cancel. Then you can remove it from the list if you need to.

When you finish

Close the Task tracker window. Or, switch to another memoQ window by pressing Alt+Tab or by clicking the memoQ icon on the Windows taskbar.