In this window, you can choose a few things about how the Video Preview tool works.

How to get here

In the memoQ Video Preview tool, click the Settings mvpt-icon-settings button.


What can you do?

Change video playback settings

To change the duration of loops: Enter a number in the Play time before/after a segment box.

To change how many times the preview tool repeats a part for the current segment: Enter a number in the Number of loops box.

To make sure you always see the preview tool: Check the Keep preview window always on top check box.

Change connection settings

To change the address where the preview tool connects to memoQ: Enter the address in the Named pipe address for preview tool box.

Change this setting only if you are sure it is needed. If you are not sure, and the preview tool is not working, ask help from your system administrator.

Change logging settings

To tell the Video Preview tool what events to record in its log: Choose a value from the Logging level dropdown.

To see the log: Click the Show log link.

Reset the preview tool's settings

If you changed the settings and the preview tool stopped working, click the Reset settings link. In the confirmation window, click Reset to continue, or Cancel to go back to the Settings window.

When you finish

To save changes and return to the Video Preview tool: Click OK.

To return to the Video Preview tool without saving changes: Click Cancel.