Warnings for row

Use QA

QA stands for Quality Assurance. It is the process of checking your translations for correct terminology use, consistency, punctuation, typography, numbers and certain Tag checks. memoQ has a built-in QA module. The QA in webtrans shows errors and warnings for each segment: missing tags, wrong numbers, punctuation, etc.

webtrans does not perform a separate QA check. However, it shows if a row has warnings or errors. When a document contains a QA error or warning, a QA issue icon is shown next to the status info (a lightning icon for a warning, an exclamation mark for an error):


When you see an orange lightning next to the status info, double click on the lightning icon. The Warnings for row dialog appears:


When a red exclamation mark is shown next to the status info, double click on the exclamation mark icon. The Errors for row dialog appears:



In the Code column, an error code number is displayed. In the Description column, you get a description of the detected error or warning. You need to resolve them. If they are false positives, you can check the Ignore check box in the Ignore column. The orange flash for a warning will turn into grey in the corresponding segment. This means that you are aware of the warning and that you are declared it as false positive.

When you translate, and you forget to adjust or to insert a number for instance, and then you confirm the segment. This will bring up the error/warning icon next to the segment status of this segment:


Note: You can suppress warnings, but you must resolve errors. If you do not resolve errors, you cannot deliver your document since it may result in not being able to export the document again in its original format.