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This wizard helps you enter your serial number (product key) for your copy of memoQ, and retrieve your licenses. Together these two actions are called activation.

The appearance and functionality of the wizard changes according to your licenses and the situation.

How to begin

When you start memoQ, and you have no active licenses, the Activation wizard starts automatically.

To retrieve new licenses, choose Activation wizard from the Application menu.

To change your serial number, choose Activation from the Application menu. The memoQ activation dialog appears. Click the Change link next to the serial number.


The Activation wizard can perform three different actions:

entering a serial number for the first time, and retrieving new licenses;

retrieving new licenses that you acquired for your existing serial number;

changing the existing serial number into another one, and retrieving the licenses for that serial number.

Note: Apart from the initial 45-day trial license, the Activation wizard cannot create or obtain new licenses for memoQ. Any license you retrieve must previously exist on Kilgray's central activation server. If you need to obtain or purchase new licenses, you need to contact Kilgray.

Activating memoQ for the first time

Retrieving additional licenses for the existing serial number

Changing the serial number to use different licenses