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When you type in the target cell of the translation editor, memoQ predicts your typing and suggests how to complete the word. You can then choose the word from a list being displayed. memoQ shows suggestions from several sources: term bases, non-translatables, LSC hits which have a translation (from TMs or LiveDocs corpora), Muses and auto-translatables. LiveDocs corpora are currently not supported.

Note: Hits from Muses are always at the end of the list of predictive typing suggestions.

Note: Lower case suggestions come first in the list of predictive typing suggestions.

How to begin

On the Translation ribbon tab, click the Translation settings button, and choose Predictive Typing. The Predictive typing and AutoPick dialog appears:


In the Predictive typing tab, check the Enable predictive typing check box. In the Appearance section, select one of the 3 options:

Show suggestions in text only: The suggestions are only displayed as text when you type a word in the target cell.

Show in text and list: The suggestions are displayed in the target cell when you type a word in the target cell.

Show suggestion in a list only: The suggestions are displayed in a list when you type in a word in the target cell.

In the Preview section, a preview of your setting will be shown.

In the Options section, you can choose:

Lookup is case-sensitive (won't return suggestions with different capitalization at all): Check this check box to only get case-sensitive match suggestions in the translation grid.

Include LSC hits in predictive typing: Check this check box to display LSC hits in the Show results lists of predictive typing.

In the Number of characters typed before showing a suggestion... section, you can enter a value in the 2 fields: for Muse suggestions and for All other suggestions. The entered value indicates how many characters you must first type before you get suggestions in the translation grid. The values are set to 1 in both cases by default.

In the Capitalization section, you can specify your preferences while you type:

Base it on the original match: The original match is preferred. When you type Example, Example will be displayed first in the list of suggestions.

Adjust it to my typing: When you type example, and in your predictive typing list contains Example, memoQ will adjust according to what you type.

Intelligent capitalization based on the source segment: memoQ tries to guess your preference. memoQ looks at the source segment text, the hit's source part, the hit's target part and what you have typed, and tries to make an intelligent guess about what the target hit could be.


The list with suggestions opens automatically after you have typed in a few characters. You can close it by pressing Esc, or simply ignore the list. You can navigate the list by using the Up/Down arrows on your keyboard. Insert the selected item by pressing Enter.


Click OK to apply your settings. Click Cancel to discard your changes.


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