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You work as project manager in the translation department of your company. You have full ownership over all resources and processes. You set up master TMs, users, etc. However, there is another department within your company that also needs translations. In order to save time for you and your project managers in the translation department, you can grant a custom group (the so called light-weight PM group) rights to start online projects. The users from the other department can create and fully manage their projects without having access to projects and resources of your translation department.

memoQ has a built-in group called Project managers (Server administrator > Group management) that enables these users to create/edit/delete memoQ server users and the resources on the memoQ server. The light-weight PM group is a custom user group that enables their members to manage their projects without accessing and affecting other projects and resources.

If you are a member of the light-weight PM group, you also need a PM license granted.


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