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Handoff and delivery packages are all logged. They form an efficient tool to enable a flexible workflow. The icons next to the Translator, Reviewer 1, Reviewer 2 columns in the Translations pane of Project home indicate the active workflow step for an individual document. Handoff and delivery packages can contain one or more documents, and if the document or the vendor changes, you can create another handoff package.

You can make the following changes to the project:

If you want to re-assign a document to another user, just change the name of the user next to the document.

If your client decides that you do not need to translate a document into one of the languages, select the target language in the Target language drop-down list in the Translations pane of Project home, select the document, and click Remove. memoQ will remove the document only from the list of the selected target language – unless, of course, the All languages setting is active.

If you need to import a new document for one language pair or for all of them, select the appropriate language or All languages, and then click Import.

Checking and re-creating handoff packages

You can check if your handoff packages are up-to-date on the General tab of the Overview pane of Project home. If the Handoff status field indicates that your handoff packages are not up-to-date, you need to create a new handoff package.

If your vendor imports the update package on top of the original handoff package, her project will be automatically updated according to your changes.

You can delete any of the handoff packages by clicking Cancel handoff or Clear handoff history on the Handoff/delivery tab. Use these commands with caution.