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If you have the project manager edition, you see more tabs and information in the Overview pane. The Overview pane in Project home provides statistics and status information on the current project (PM view).

How to begin

In the Project home tab (visible only when you have a project open in memoQ), click the Overview icon to the left.

The General tab

The Handoff/delivery tab

The Reports tab

Click the [hide] link to hide a report. The Hide link turns into the Show link. Click the [show] link to show the report again. Click the [export] link to export the report as CSV. Click the [delete] link to delete the report.

You can always click the Create new report now to create a new report based on the time spent editing. You can display several  reports and see the time you spent editing in the project.

Click the Export summary content report link to export a progress summary of a report as CSV. Specify the start and end date in the Export summary content report dialog, and click OK.


If you use a project template, then the Overiew pane contains 2 more tabs: automation and Template settings.

The Automation tab

The Template settings tab



To switch to another pane in Project home, click its icon. The name of the active pane is set in bold. To close Project home, close the entire project.