When you work on a document, memoQ automatically gives you some terms it recognizes in the text. However, you may be interested in finding other terms, too.

To find a term that memoQ didn't give you automatically, use the Look up term command.

In the Look up term window, you can find entries that contain specific words. Then you can insert the target-language equivalents of the terms in the target cell. You can also make changes to term base entries. In this window, memoQ will find all entries containing the expression you are looking for.

Searches source and target: You can search both in the source-language and the target-language terms in the term base.

How to get here

1.Open a project.

2.Open a document for editing.

3.On the Translation ribbon, click Look Up Term. The Look up term window opens.

Or, use the keyboard: Press Ctrl+P.

Selected text is looked up automatically: If you select text before opening Look up term, the selected text will appear in the Search for box. The results will automatically appear.


What can you do?

Type the words to look for, and choose the term bases to look in

Read through the results

Insert a target-language term in the translation editor

Edit the selected term base entry

Find terms in the EuroTermBank service

When you finish

To return to the translation editor: Click Close.