While you're translating a document, memoQ looks up terms in the term bases of the project. When memoQ finds a term in the current segment, it appears on the Translation results list.

You can edit the entry in the term base directly from the Translation results list. If the term base is on a memoQ server, you must have modify permission over it.

How to get here

1.Open a project.

2.From Project home, open a document for translation.

3.In the translation editor, start working on a segment.

4.On the Translation results list, memoQ displays the terms it finds. RIght-click a term that you want to edit in the term base. From the menu, choose View/Edit:


The Edit term base entry window opens:


In some computers, the Edit term base window may open in a compact view:


To work with the term-level descriptive fields, click More.

To work with all the details in the term base entry, click More again, until you see this:


What can you do?

Add new terms or edit existing ones

Enter descriptive details about a term

Write a definition for the concept

Set descriptive details for the whole entry, or add an image

When you finish

To save the changes to the term base entry, and return to the translation editor: Click OK.

To return to the translation editor, and not change the term base entry: Click Cancel.

After you click OK, memoQ automatically updates the term in the Translation results list.

The term may disappear from the Translation results list: This happens if you change the source term that was originally found in the text.