Manage projects

Normally, you manage your projects - local and online - from the Dashboard. When you open a local project, the Dashboard is no longer there.

If you need to make changes to other projects while a local project is open, you need the Manage projects window.

The Manage projects window lists all projects from your computer - or from the selected server if you have access. In this window, you can do everything you can do on the Dashboard.

You may need memoQ project manager: To manage online projects on a memoQ server, you need the project manager edition of memoQ. In addition, you must be member of the Project managers or the Administrators group on the server.

How to get here

On the Project ribbon, click Manage projects. The Manage projects window opens.

Opens in separate window: Manage Projects opens in a new window. If it is already open, you can switch to it: Use Alt+Tab, or click the memoQ icon on the Windows taskbar. Click the Manage Projects window there.

Managing local projects

Managing online projects (when connected to a memoQ server)

What can you do?

The Manage projects window is useful when a local project is already open. Otherwise, the functionality is the same as that of the Dashboard.

This topic assumes that you open the Manage projects window because a local project is also open.

No need for Manage projects to create new projects: Use the Create project buttons on the Project ribbon. You can also use this ribbon to import project packages.

When you finish

To return to your work: Switch to the memoQ main window, or any other open memoQ windows. Use Alt+Tab. Or, on the Windows taskbar, click the memoQ icon. Then click the window you want to switch to.

To return to the memoQ main window: On the Windows taskbar, right-click the memoQ icon. From the menu, choose memoQ dashboard.

To close the Manage projects window and return to Project home or to the Dashboard: Click the button at the top right.