Change export path

When you import a document, memoQ already knows where it will export the finished translation. memoQ saves an export path with every document in a project. The export path is a folder location and a file name.

This is where memoQ saves the exported document if you use the Export (stored path) command in the Translations list.

To change the export path for a document that is already in the project, use the Change export path window.

How to get here

  1. Open a project.
  2. In Project home or memoQ online project, on the left sidebar, click Translations.
  3. Select one or more documents.
  4. In the Documents ribbon, click the down arrow below the Export icon.
  5. In the menu, click Change Export Path.


What can you do?

When you finish

Click Test  to check the export path entered into the Export path rule field for the files indicated in the Selected documents pane. The related test results will appear in the Export path problems pane, while the related export paths will be indicated in the Selected documents pane. Click Apply to save changes while keeping the dialog open, and Cancel to close the dialog without saving changes.