Check out online project (or download and import package)

In the Check out online project window, you can check if you have work to do in an online project. The online project is on a memoQ TMS or in a memoQ TMS cloud.

If you have an online project to work on, you can take the project – its documents and resources –, and start working on it.

In most cases, you check out the project from a memoQ TMS. memoQ will create a local copy of the project, and keep it synchronized with the online copy on the server. You need to be connected to the server all the time.

However, you can also get the project in the form of a package. This is useful if you cannot be connected to the internet all the time. If this is the case you do not check out the project - you will download a package. (The project must support packages and the project manager must allow you to download one - if you cannot see the option, ask your project manager.)

How to get here

On the Project ribbon, click Check Out From Server.


Checking out a project - without the option to download a package


Choose: check out local copy or download a package?

What can you do?

Find the server where the online project is, and check out the project. Or, download the project package if you are allowed.

  1. Connect to the remote server. In the Server URL box, type the name or the IP address of the memoQ TMS where the project is. If you worked with that server previously, you can choose it from the drop-down list in the Server URL box. When the server name is filled in, click Select.

    memoQ may display the Log in to server window: Type your user name and password there, and click OK. This will not happen if this is not the first time you connect to that server. After you log in to a memoQ TMS for the first time, it will save your user name and password.

  2. memoQ displays a list of online projects and packages. You see packages only if you are allowed to work with them on that server.

    A project or a package is on the list if it contains at least one document assigned to you in any role (Translator, Reviewer 1, Reviewer 2, Project manager - PM). memoQ also displays projects where you are the project manager.

To filter the project list: Type words in the Filter project name or description box.

To sort the list by deadline, name or creation date: Choose the sorting field from the drop-down box next to the Filter project name or description box. If you need to reverse the sorting order, choose the same field again.

  1. Click the name of the project you need to check out. Then, change these options if necessary:
  • Project name: This will be the name of the project on your computer. It's different from the name of the online project. In fact it is not the same: it contains documents where you have work to do, nothing more. Documents assigned to other people will not appear.

    Normally, you can use the name that memoQ offers. When you check out an online project, memoQ creates a local project with that name. That local project contains local copies of the documents. But if you checked out this project earlier, or you have a local project with the same name, memoQ warns you that the project name is already taken. When this happens, you can change the local project name in the this text box.

If there is already a local project with the same name, you will also see an Open link. If you click it, memoQ opens the existing project, instead of checking it out from the server again.

  • Project path: This is the folder where memoQ saves the local copy of the online project. Normally, you wouldn't change this. memoQ saves the checked-out project to the same folder where local projects are stored. If you need to change this: Type another folder path in the text box, or press the ... button and find another folder for the local copy of the project.

    Don't use this to refresh or update the contents of an online project that was checked out earlier. To update the contents, simply open the checkout of the project from your computer. memoQ automatically uploads and downloads the changes of the project documents. The same happens if you open a document, or when you click Synchronize Project on the Documents ribbon. Normally, memoQ automatically synchronizes the project and its resources, unless you switch off automatic synchronization on the Documents ribbon.

When you finish

To check out the project: Click the Check out project link next the name of the selected project.

If you are allowed to download a package: You can click the Download as package link to begin the download. This is roughly the same mechanism as importing a handoff package.

To leave the Check out online project dialog without checking out a project: Click Cancel.

After you check out the project, translate the documents where you are the translator - and review those where you are Reviewer 1 or Reviewer 2. When you finish, deliver the project or the selected documents to the next person in the line. It will be a reviewer or the project manager (if you're last). Or, if you are a reviewer, you can return the document to the previous person, so that they can revisit the issues you pointed out.