Create analysis report

In a memoQ project: Counts words, characters, and segments in the source text of the whole project. Looks up every segment in the translation memories and LiveDocs corpora, and counts the different types of matches. Creates an analysis report, and makes it available in the Overview pane of the project.

Use this report when you prepare a project. Run the analysis again if the source documents change: new documents are added, existing ones are changed or deleted.

Note: In many cases, memoQ runs the analysis automatically.

How to get here

Open a local project. In Project home, choose Overview. Click the Reports tab. Under Analysis, click Create new report now.

In online projects: Open an online project. In the memoQ online project window, choose Reports. Under Analysis, click Create new report now.


What can you do?

Don't use Trados 2007-like word counts: Normally, memoQ counts words like Microsoft Word does. Use the Trados 2007-like word counts only if your client still works with an early Trados version.

When you finish

To run the analysis, and produce the report: Click OK.

To return to the Overview pane, and not generate the report: Click Cancel.