Create new MT settings

memoQ does not perform machine translation itself, but it can connect to many external machine translation (MT) tools and services. Each of those services have different settings. You can configure them and save the collection of settings into an MT settings profile.

Must be purchased separately: memoQ does not include the price of using a machine translation tool. Before you use machine translation in memoQ, you must obtain your access separately - directly from the provider of the tool. Most tools are not free: you need to purchase the tool or the right to use it.

Default values: When you create a new MT profile, all services will be turned off in it. You need to turn on the services you want to use, and choose their settings. To do this, edit the MT settings.

How to get here

Open the Resource Console. Choose MT settings. Under the list, click Create new.

From the Options window: Open the Options window. Choose the MT mt-icon icon. Under the list, click Create new. From the Options window, you can create local MT profiles only. You cannot create an MT profile on a server, and you can't use one from a server, unless it is pinned on the Resource Console.


If My Computer is selected in Resource Console – or creating profile from a local project


If a memoQ TMS is selected in Resource Console

What can you do?

When you finish

To create the MT profile: Click OK.

To return to the Resource Console or to the Options window, and not create an MT profile: Click Cancel.

To use an MT profile: Open the Options window. Click the MT mt-icon icon. Check the check box of the MT profile you want to use.