Create term base entry

While you're working on a document, you can add new terms and their translations to one or more term bases in the project. You can do this directly from the translation editor.

  • A term is a word or an expression that must be translated the same way throughout the project. Most of the time, it refers to a physical object or an abstract concept that is specific to the subject field of the document.

  • A term base is a database that contains an entry for each object or concept. In each entry, the object or concept has a name in various languages (not just two).

    When you add a term base to a project, it must have terms in both the source language and the target language of the project. If one of the languages is not in the term base, memoQ adds it automatically.

When you add a term to a term base directly from the translation editor, memoQ always adds it as a new entry. The new entry will have terms in the document's source and target language, but not in the project's other languages.

How to get here

  1. Open a project.
  2. Open a document for translation.
  3. If the term is in the source text: Select it.

    An exemplary row from the translation editor showing tagged parts of the sentence and two words (a term) in source language part highlighted in blue.

  4. If the translation of the term is already in the target cell: Select that one, too.

    An exemplary row from the translation editor showing tagged parts of the sentence and two words (a term) in source and target language highlighted in blue.

  5. Press Ctrl+E.

    Or: In the translation editor, right-click the segment. Choose Add Term.

    Or: In the Quick Access ribbon, click Add Term.

  6. The Create term base entry window appears. If the source term is selected, it will be filled in. If both the source term and its translation are selected, both sides will be filled in.

Window allowing to add terms to term base with matching, usage, grammar, definition, and details option available.

Add the terms quickly, without the window: If the translation is already there, select the term and its translation, and press Ctrl+Q. memoQ adds the term and its translation to the term base immediately. The Create term base entry window doesn't appear.

What can you do?

When you finish

  • To add the term base entry, and return to the translation editor: Click OK.
  • To return to the translation editor, and not add the term base entry: Click Cancel.

    After you click OK, memoQ automatically highlights the new term in the text, and displays it on the Translation results list.

    New term in translation results window with a context menu.

    To make changes to the term base entry immediately after it was created: Right-click the term on the Translation results list. Choose View/Edit. The Edit term base entry window opens.