memoQ web search

With memoQ web search, you can search for a word or a phrase on several web sites at once. You can do this while you are translating a document in the translation editor.

How to get here

  1. Open a project.
  2. Open a document for editing.
  3. In the translation editor, select the word or phrase to search for.
  4. Press Ctrl+F3.

    The memoQ web search window opens.

Before you use memoQ web search, you need to set it up: To learn how, see Help about the Web search settings window.


What can you do?

When you finish

Close the memoQ web search window at the top left.

memoQ web search is a separate window: It has a separate icon on the Windows taskbar. To switch to memoQ web search from memoQ, press Alt+Tab several times, until the memoQ web search window appears.