TM-driven segmentation settings

In the TM-driven segmentation settings window, you can fine-tune the automatic joining and splitting of segments that happen when memoQ pre-translates text.

In this window, you can tell memoQ how to join and split segments.

How to get here

  1. Start pre-translating a document (or several documents).
  2. In the Pre-translate and statistics window, check the Automatically join and split segments for best match check box.

    If you cannot see the check box: Click the Scope and lookup tab.

  3. Next to the check box, click Settings.

    The TM-driven segmentation settings window opens.


What can you do?

  • Prevent segments from fragmentation: Normally, memoQ does not split one or two words from a segment. To set the number of words memoQ can split: Change the Minimum segment length after splitting (words) setting.
  • Allow memoQ to join more than two segments: To get a better match, memoQ will join two segments and stop there. If the document is too fragmented, you can allow memoQ to join more segments, if it can get a much better match that way. To allow this, set the Maximum number of segments to join setting higher than 2.
  • If memoQ is allowed to join more than 2 segments: Normally, it will join one more segment if that makes the match at least 10 percent better. To change this improvement condition, change the Minimum match improvement (%) setting.

When you finish

To save the settings and return to the Pre-translate and statistics window: Click OK.

To return to the Pre-translate and statistics window without saving the settings: Click Cancel.