Train Muse

A Muse is a resource – a statistical database – that offers hints for predictive typing in the translation editor.

A Muse guesses the next work or expression, computing from the source text and the translation that was already typed. In a way, the Muse is similar to a statistical machine translation module, but it can be more precise - because it does not have to guess an entire sentence, just the next few words.

A Muse is bilingual: In a project, you can use a Muse if it has the same language pair as your project.

You need to train a Muse after you create it, or when you choose to train it again. You should re-train a Muse if the translation memories and the LiveDocs corpora you used originally have a lot of new entries or documents - or you want to use more translation memories and LiveDocs corpora.

If the Muse is on a memoQ TMS or memoQ TMS cloud: To train an online Muse, you must choose from translation memories and LiveDocs corpora on the same server. You cannot use your local translation memories or LiveDocs corpora. To use the contents of a local translation memory or LiveDocs corpus, you must share them on the server first.

How to get here

  1. Open the Resource Console. Choose Muses. Under the list, click Create new.

    From a project: Open a project. In Project home, choose Muses. On the Muses ribbon, click Create/Use New. This command creates the Muse, and adds it to the project.

  2. Fill in the boxes in the Create Muse window, and click OK.

To learn more: See Help about the Create Muse window.

The Train Muse window opens automatically.

To re-train an existing Muse:

  1. Open a project where you use this Muse. It must be a local project or a checkout of an online project.
  2. In Project home, choose Muses.
  3. Right-click the name of the Muse. Choose Retrain.

    The Train Muse window opens.


What can you do?

When you finish

To train the Muse, then return to Project home or to the Resource console: Click Start.

To return to Project home or to the Resource console without training the Muse: Click Cancel.

If you create a Muse, but you click Cancel in the Train Muse window, memoQ will create an empty Muse. To make it work, re-train it.