Alignment editor

Alignment happens when you recycle earlier translations in your current work. To recycle earlier translations, you need to align a source document from the past with its translation. When you align two documents, they are both segmented into translation units, and then memoQ tries to find a matching segment for each segment in the source document. When a matching segment is found from the translation, memoQ links them together. When you add a document pair to a LiveDocs corpus, memoQ will do this automatically.

Although memoQ's automatic alignment results are correct in most cases, human revision is necessary for best results.

This alignment editor is part of memoQ's LiveAlign™ technology. LiveDocs gives you the same kind of matches as a translation memory, and that is true for aligned document pairs, too. With LiveAlign™, you don't need to review all the alignment before you can get matches from the document pair. Instead, you can start using the results immediately, and correct errors as they come along. This saves a lot of work because you don't need to fix errors that don't appear in a match. You can do it directly from the translation editor: then memoQ will take you to this alignment editor.

In the alignment editor, you can check how good the automatic alignment is. You can also fix the links if necessary, and edit the text.

How to get here

Open a project. In Project home, choose LiveDocs. In the upper list, click the name of a LiveDocs corpus. (Check its check box if it isn't added to the project.)

On the lower list, right-click a document pair, and choose View/Edit.

If there is no document pair in the LiveDocs corpus: Add a document pair or several document pairs to the corpus using Add multiple files for alignment.

To fix alignment when you see an error in the translation editor:

In the Translation results list, right-click the match that has the error. From the menu, choose Show Document. The alignment editor opens for the document pair that gave you this match. memoQ will directly take you to the segment pair that was returned.


What can you do?

When you finish

Your changes in the alignment editor are automatically saved to the LiveDocs corpus.

To return to translation, or to the LiveDocs pane of Project home: Close the tab of the alignment editor. Click the x in the tab of the alignment editor, or press Ctrl+F4.