Project home – Finances

When your project is connected to Language Terminal, you can send quotes to your clients and have reports about your projects on the portal.

Connect your copy of memoQ to Language Terminal first: Use the Language Terminal account wizard for that.

How to get here

  1. From the Dashboard, create or open a project.

    Connect the project to Language Terminal: In the Create new project from template window, check the Store job details in Language Terminal check box. Or, if the project already exists, use the Overview pane to connect it to Language Terminal.

  2. Under Project home, click Finances. The Finances pane appears.

The Finances pane will not appear if the project is not connected to Language Terminal: If you cannot find the Finances icon, go to the Overview pane, and check if the project is connected.


What can you do?

When you finish

To return to your work: Click a document tab at the top of the memoQ window (in the same row as the Project home tab). In most cases, you will return to the translation editor.

To close the project: Click the Close icon in the Project home tab: icon-close-project Or, on the Project ribbon, click Close Project.

You can close memoQ, too, if you do not need to work on another project.

You can start creating another project: If you do that, memoQ will automatically close your current project.