Run QA

Normally, memoQ runs quality checks on a document as you translate it.

However, you may need to check different things - or you need to check the consistency on the segment level, which is not done automatically.

If you want to run different checks than those in your project, or you want to check for consistency, use the Run QA command.

If you need to run different checks: Before you run QA, make sure you set up the proper QA settings resource in Project home.

How to get here

  1. Open a project. You may open a document or two, but this is not necessary.

  2. On the Review ribbon, click the Quality Assurance  button.On the Review ribbon, click Quality Assurance.

    The Run QA window opens.


What can you do?

Previous errors and warnings will be gone: When you run QA this way, it will erase any previous warnings and errors from the segments that are checked.

Then, decide what happens after the QA checks are run:

  • To review the errors and warnings in the Resolve errors and warnings tab, immediately after running the checks: Check the Proceed to resolve warnings after QA check box.
  • To look at the inconsistent translations in the translation editor: Check the Create view of inconsistent translations check box.

When you finish

To run the QA checks, and then open the Resolve errors and warnings tab, or open the translation editor, or return to Project home: Click OK.

To return to Project home or to the translation editor, without running the QA checks: Click Cancel.

In the translation editor, there will be a lightning sign in every segment where the QA checks found at least one issue.

Warning may disappear when you confirm a segment: When you confirm a segment, QA will check the segment again. But this time only 'quick' checks are run, consistency checks are not. The warning sign may disappear even if you do not change the segment or the QA settings profile.