The Grid

In the translation editor, the Grid is the place where you see the source text and type the translation.

For an introduction to translating in memoQ: See the Getting Started Guide from the website.

How to get here

  1. Open a project. This can be a local project or a checkout of an online project.
  2. In Project home, choose Translations.
  3. Find the document you need to edit. Double-click its name.

    Or: Right-click the document, and choose Open For Translation.

  4. The translation editor opens on a separate editor tab.

Part of translation editor showing source and target texts, matches, and additional information about texts.

To open a view for editing: In the Translations pane of Project home, click the Views tab. Double-click the name of the view you need to edit.

What can you do?

When you finish

You do not have to save the document: memoQ will automatically save every change, even in segments that were not confirmed.

To return to Project home: Close the editor tab by clicking the Close close-document-tab button on the tab itself. Or, press Ctrl+F4.