Convert term bases

This page shows all non-QTerm term bases on the server, and lets you convert them into QTerm term bases.

How to get here

  1. Open memoQWeb (legacy) in a web browser. Log in as an administrator, project manager, terminologist, or external user.
  2. Click the QTerm tab. The QTerm - Home page appears.
  3. Above the list, click Show all. The Term bases page appears.
  4. Above the list, on the right, click Convert. The Convert term bases page appears.


Different term bases: The QTerm - Home and Term bases pages show the QTerm term bases on the server. However, the Convert term bases page shows all the non-QTerm term bases - the ones you can convert to QTerm.

What can you do?

To convert term bases:

  1. Select one or more term bases: on the left, check their check boxes.
  2. In the bottom left corner, click Convert to QTerm.

    The selected term bases become QTerm term bases, disappear from this list, and appear on the QTerm - Home and Term basespages.

    Note: QTerm term bases can not be converted back into memoQ term bases.

Note: Moderated memoQ term bases cannot be converted into QTerm term bases.

Note: Converted term bases have no entry history.

The following conversion messages are possible:

  • If all selected term bases have been converted successfully, a success feedback message is displayed: Conversion: [n] succeeded.
  • If not all term bases have been converted successfully, an error feedback message is displayed: Conversion: [n] succeeded, [n]  failed.
  • If all term base conversions have failed, an error feedback message is displayed: Conversion: [n] failed.

    In  case of a failure, please check if you have the permission to convert the term base.

When you finish

To sign out of QTerm: In the top row, click Sign out.