Import term base (new)

You can import data into a new term base or into an existing one.

How to get here

  1. Open memoQWeb in a web browser. Log in as an administrator, project manager, terminologist, or external user.
  2. Click the QTerm tab. The QTerm - Home page appears.
  3. Above the list, click Import new. The Import term base wizard appears.

What can you do?

Page 1 - Enter term base name and properties


Fill in the information fields as needed. The Name field is required.

  • To go to Page 2: In the upper right corner, click Next.
  • To close the wizard and return to the Home screen without importing a term base: In the upper right corner, click Cancel.

Page 2 - Select file(s) to be imported

When you finish

QTerm generates a term base import report. If there are any errors, you can click the link on that page to download the report.

Click Close. The Term bases screen opens.