The toolbar above the grid contains buttons that allow you to perform actions:


webtrans toolbar buttons
Button Action
ico_undo Performs an undo operation. Works only within the segment. Shortcut key: Ctrl+Z
ico_redo Performs a redo operation. Works only within the segment. Shortcut key: Ctrl+Y
ico_bold Marks the selected text as bold. Shortcut key: Ctrl+B
ico_italic Marks the selected text as italic. Shortcut key: Ctrl+I
ico_underline Marks the selected text as underline. Shortcut key: Ctrl+U
mqw-icon-superscript Marks the selected text as superscript (upper index).
mqw-icon-subscript Marks the selected text as subscript (lower index).
mqw-icon-toggle-case Switches letter case of the selected text from the original to Sentence case to Title Case to all lowercase to ALL CAPITALS, and back to the original. Shortcut key: Shift+F3
mqw-icon-rlm Inserts a left-to-right or right-to-left mark into the target segment. Useful when translating into a bi-directional language, for example Arabic or Hebrew.
mqw-icon-show-nonprinting-chars Shows or hides non-printing characters, for example spaces, tabs or line breaks.
mqw-icon-smart-quotes Automatically replaces single (') and double (") straight quotation marks with curly ones (‘’ and “”) as you type.
mqw-icon-expand-tags Shows or hides the tags' full content (name, attributes and their values).
ico_insertallformattags Inserts all format tags, one after the other. Shortcut key: Alt+F8
ico_insertinlinetag Copies next tag sequence. Shortcut key: F9
mqw-icon-edit-inline-tag Opens the Edit inline tag window for the selected tag.
mqw-icon-select-all Selects all segments in the open document. Shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+A
mqw-icon-clear-trans Clears the target text from selected segments. Shortcut key: Alt+C
mqw-icon-edit-source Makes the source segment editable.
mqw-icon-copy-source-to-target Copies the source texts to the target cells of selected segments. Shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+S
icon_revertsource Reverts the source segment to the stage before you edited its text.
icon_splitsegment Splits a segment into 2.
icon_joinsegment Joins 2 segments.
ico_confirmed Confirms a segment, saves it into the translation memory, and proceeds to the next row. Focus jumps to the next segment based on Jump to row settings (by default, the next segment). Shortcut key: Ctrl+Enter
icon_reject Marks a segment as rejected. The Rejected segment status is used for the LQA workflow. Shortcut key: Shift+Enter
ico_locked Locks the highlighted segment. Shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+L
ico_concordance1 Performs concordance search. Shortcut key: Ctrl+K
icon_newtb_entry Adds a new term base entry.
mqw-icon-highlight-selection Highlights the selected text in the source or target segment, and marks it with the severity chosen from the dropdown (information, warning, error, other).
icon_search Opens the Find and replace dialog. Shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+F