Translation results list

As you translate, memoQWebTrans assists you in the background. It will offer suggestions from several translation resources, including translation memories, LiveDocs corpora, term bases, fragment searching, auto-translation rules, subsegment matching, etc. Results of all these queries are gathered and displayed in the Translation results pane of the translation editor.

The Translation results list is part of the translation editor. Whenever you work on a document, this list always works.

If you need more screen space, you can hide the Translation results list: In the top right corner, click the Hide icon.

MatchPatch and fragment assembly do not work in memoQWebTrans: If you need advanced features such as MatchPatch or fragment assembly, you need to use the memoQ desktop program.

When you step on another row, memoQ starts querying the translation resources. The different types of resources are detailed in the resources section below.

If the list contains several results, you can move a highlight up and down in the list using the Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down keys.

The background color of each result indicates the resource it comes from: