Discussions allow you to do query management. Things can go wrong in a translation, or the source text is misleading, and you would like to ask back, add a comment of a not properly used term, or comment on an error, indicated by LQA.

If you have the permission, you can use topics in memoQweb to comment on or discuss documents, segments, Qterm entries or single terms. You can follow or unfollow topics, pin them on top of your topic list on the Discussions tab, or mark them with a star.

The Discussions icon might not be there: memoQweb will not show the Discussions icon if discussions are disabled on the entire server, or you are member of a group that is excluded from discussions. If you believe you should be able to view discussions, contact your project manager or server administrator.

How to get here

  1. Sign in to memoQweb.
  2. On the left sidebar, click the Discussions icon-discussions icon. The Discussions page opens.


What can you do?

To manage topics: On the top of the page, select the Manage Topics tab.

To manage boards: On the top of the page, select the Manage Boards tab.

You need admin rights to see the Manage topics and Manage boards tabs.

To view a topic: Click its summary (title). The topic's page opens.

Start a topic

To start a topic: In the top right corner, click the Start a topic button. The Start topic page opens.

Pin or star a topic

The Discussions tab shows each topic on a card. Pinned topics are at the top of the list. Starred topics can be sorted to the top of the pinned and unpinned topic lists.

To pin a topic: On its card, click the Pin topic icon-pin icon. To unpin it: Click the Remove pin icon-pinned icon.

To star a topic: On its card, click the Make it starred icon-star icon. To unpin it: Click the Remove starred icon-starred icon.

Search for a topic. Sort the list.

To search the list: Type something into the search bar above the list. Press Enter. If the text you typed can be found in some topics' summary, the list will only show those. To see the whole list again, click the X icon at the end of the search bar.

To sort the list: Click the dropdown that says Starred first, and choose from the list.

  • Starred first shows starred topics at the top of the pinned and unpinned topic lists.
  • Most active shows topics with the most comments at the top of the pinned and unpinned topic lists.
  • Most recent shows the newest topics at the top of the pinned and unpinned topic lists.

Filter the topic list

To filter the list: Next to the dropdown, click the Filter icon-filter icon. The Filter discussions pane opens.

To use a previously saved filter: Choose a filter the from the Select saved filter dropdown.

To filter by for topics containing certain words: Type something in the Topics containing text field.

To filter by users: In the Assigned to or Created by dropdown, click a user.

To filter by topic status: In the Status dropdown, click a status.

To hide topics: In the Hide status dropdown, click a status.

To show starred topics first:  Check the Starred topics have priority check box.

To show starred topics only: Check the Show only starred topics check box.

To save the filter setting: In the Filter name text box, type a name for the filter. Then, check the Save current filter settings check box.

To apply the filter: At the bottom, click the Done button. To discard the changes: Click the Reset filters link.

Learn details of a topic

Under the topic summary, you can see the related project, document, segment, or term, and the issue - the question asked in the topic.

At the bottom of the topic's card, you can see the current status of the topic, with a colored background: blue is Open, green is Resolved, and White is Closed. Next to it, there is the number of comments, and the user the topic is assigned to..