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Sometimes you need work on two computers with local projects. When you travel, you may want to continue working on your laptop, but you want to finish your project on your home computer. Although memoQ has no built-in synchronization tool, there are ways to keep your project up-to-date on both computers.

To transfer a project from a computer to another, you need to create a backup file:

1.Open memoQ, and in the Dashboard, select a project.

2.On the Project ribbon tab, click the Back Up button. Specify a location and save the backup file. The file extension is *.mqbkf.

3.Copy this backup file to your other computer.

4.Open memoQ on your other computer. In the Dashboard, click the Restore button on the Project ribbon tab.

5.Navigate to the backup file and follow the Backup wizard.


You now transferred your project, including resources such as translation memories and term bases, to your other computer.

Now you can work on the other computer. When you need to update your project on the first computer, you can do the following:


Use the backup file option again: follow the above procedure the other way round. Create the backup file on the second computer, and then copy and restore it to the first computer.

Update the files on the other computer:

1.Open memoQ on the computer where you have the latest version of your project.

2.In the Dashboard, open the project. Go to Translations > Documents and select all documents (you can also use the Ctrl+A shortcut).

3.On the Documents ribbon tab, choose Export > Export Bilingual. Select memoQ XLIFF as the file format. Click Export, specify an export location.

4.Copy the memoQ XLIFF (.mqxlz) files to your other computer.

5.Open memoQ on this computer to update the original project you started off with.

6.In the Dashboard, open the project. Go to Translations > Documents and select all documents (you can also use the Ctrl+A shortcut).

7.On the Documents ribbon tab, choose Import > Import with options, and update the documents in the project. Now the documents have the same progress state as the documents on your other computer.

Update your translation memories on the other computer:

1.You can update the TM in confirming and updating rows from the project where you updated the files.

2.You can export the TM as TMX from the one computer and update the TM on the other computer using the Import from TMX/CSV command in the Resource console or the Import From TMX/CSV button on the Translation Memories ribbon tab in an open project.

3.You can also register your TM locally again:

oIn memoQ, go to the memoQ application menu, then choose Options > Options > Locations, and look up where your resources are stored. Then navigate to these folders in your Windows Explorer.

oSelect the TM folders you need to update the project on the other computer. Copy these folders to the other computer.

oOn the other computer, open the Resource console, then click the Register local command link.

oNavigate to the TM folder, open it, select the .MTM file, then click Open. Your TM is now registered locally and you can use it in your project.

Note: The same process applies for term bases. When you here navigate to the term base folder, open the TB folder and select the .MTB file to register your term base locally.