On this page, you can view and edit the contents of a term base.

How to get here

1.Open memoQWeb in a web browser. Log in as an administrator, project manager, terminologist, or external user.

2.Click the QTerm tab. The QTerm - Home page appears.

3.Click the term base you want to browse.

4.When opening a term base for the first time, a language selection flyout appears:


Choose languages from the First language and Second language dropdowns.

If you want to open this term base always with the same filter, choose it from the Filter dropdown.

5.Click Browse term base. The Browse terms page opens:


What can you do?

To search a term: Type the text you want to find into the Search text field. Press Enter, or click the Refresh icon_qterm_refresh icon, or click the Search icon_qterm_search icon.

To change search type: By default, QTerm finds the search phrase also inside words - the Substring match icon shows this icon_substring. To find only whole words matching the search phrase, click the moon icon to switch to Exact match icon_exact_match mode.

To return to the unfiltered term list: Click the Clear search box icon_qterm_cancel icon.

In long term lists, to jump to entries beginning with a specific letter: In the bottom row under the list, click the Jump to letter icon_qterm_jump_letter icon.

Manage entries

Manage the term base

When you finish

To return to the QTerm - Home screen: At the top left, click QTerm - Home.

To sign out of QTerm: In the top row, click Sign out.