Clients sometimes do not prepare separate terminologies but bury them in translation memories and leave it to the translators to extract them if they wish. However, it is not always easy to establish what expression is a term in the sense that it should be translated consistently. Concordance helps in this decision by displaying the words or expressions along with the contexts they are found in within the active translation memories. As it would take too much time to use this function for each segment, memoQ es concordance lookups and displays longer or frequently appearing expressions  in the Translation results pane on orange background. This is what we call longest substring concordance or LSC. If a translator tries to insert the expression, the concordance window comes up automatically.

You can configure LSC: click the Options button on the Quick Access Toolbar or go to the memoQ application menu, then choose Options > Options > Advanced lookup settings. On the Subsegment leverage tab, configure your settings.

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